PlanetAid Ltd is the parent company of two brands of fashion accessories and home furnishings. Beth Jordan and  Henry & Friends

PlanetAid has been trading in the UK since 2009. Providing white label design and production services to the majority of the UK High Street Multiple Retail Brands. PlanetAid Limited is the brainchild of the MD, Beth Jordan, who has been running her business in the UK since 1982. Have a look at the website for the Biography, it reads like a history of the retail sector for the last 36 years, interesting stuff.

We run our own brands and are launching a new division of the company to provide consultancy and sourcing services to UK  Fashion and Soft Furnishings Companies seeking to secure reliable and cost effective manufacturing in China and India, and assist them through the entire process of sourcing, securing finance (subject to status), production management, logistics and importation.
New Developments
2018 is the year that we begin offering Consultancy and Sourcing Services for buying from China and India. We have been trading with manufacturers in these Countries for 36 years, we're here, we know how to do it.
Beth Jordan
At the Top Drawer Exhibition, Beth and Gloria presenting the Henry and Friends Range of Cushions.

Beth started her career at the forefront of the Lace trend in the 1980's, in fact she was one of the founders of the renaissance, resurgence in the love of lace. It started in Venice, as a curiosity, which lead her to Buying from China and remaking lace into bedding and table cloths, in the UK. She had her production facility in Hertfordshire. When the lace trend waned she moved into Quilts, Cushions and Throws and then put her own name to Fashion Accessories; Scarves, Blouses and Occasion Bags. You will find her Blouses and Occasion Bags on the High Street in every town and city in the UK, and major cities on Mainland Europe.
The Brands
PlanetAid Limited trades through two Brands: Beth Jordan and Henry & Friends, links to the websites are here: